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"Brent's Washington Muley"
Photo provided by: Brent Jones

Here's a nice buck that Brent Jones took in Washington.
Brent writes, "First thing opening morning, 10/15/05, I spotted a very good buck at about 250 yards - looked like a 4x4 about 25" wide. Because there was some grass between us, I moved around him uphill trying to get a better shot. By the time I got back to an opening, he was moving to the top of the ridgeline. At this point, I had a clear shot still at about 250 yards. But since he didn't know I was there, I figured I'd wait him out until he stopped moving to get a better shot. I then watched him mill around with 3 other deer (2 small bucks and a doe) at the top of the ridge for about 20 minutes. As luck would have it, after the 20 minutes the other 3 deer exited to the left directly in front of me at 100 yards, but no big buck! As they do, the big guy must have vanished through the trees out the back and over the ridge.

Day two started off almost exactly as day one. First thing in the morning in basically the same place, I again spotted a good buck at about 250 yards - he didn't appear to be the big guy from the day before, but a nice buck nonetheless. Since this was day two of my three-day hunt, he was definitely big enough. Again, I had some grass between us and needed to get into better position. The big difference between day one and two is that the wind was blowing directly towards this buck. I tried to circle around the hill and get a better wind position. By the time I got there, I saw several deer moving quickly below me that had apparently caught my wind, and the buck was nowhere to be seen - either he had bolted downhill into the heavy timber or he had cut sidehill away from me and taken a covered draw up to the top of the ridge.

Guessing he would want to go uphill (and not wanting to lose elevation myself), I headed straight for the covered draw. Halfway across the hillside ,as I could just start to peak into the draw, I saw this buck and a doe at the top of the draw about 200 yards away just about to cross into the heavy timber at the top of the ridgeline. Since I had already missed two opportunities in two days, and seeing that he was about 5 feet from heavy timber, I decided I better get into position now. Since the grass was 2-3 feet tall and there were no trees to use as a rest, I used my shooting stick to get a good standing shot off. I made a good hit, with him dropping dead about 15 yards from where he stood, then rolling another 20 yards down the steep draw."

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