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"Super Utah Smokepole Buck"
Photo provided by: Brett Barton

Here's a huge buck that Brett Barton took while hunting northern Utah with his muzzleloader.
Brett writes, "I bagged this 36-inch wide 8x6 on October 4th, 2005 just two days before the hunt ended. This was definitely a buck of a lifetime. I had hunted hard and seen a few bucks that were shooters, but could never close the distance to get a decent shot. Then, I spotted this buck and was able to sneak within 75 yards of this beauty. I used a .45 cal Traditions inline, 150gr of Triple seven Powder and 275gr Power Belt HP bullet. The whole time I was closing the distance I was telling myself to keep calm. When I finally reached the spot where I thought the buck was feeding, I positioned myself for a look. To my surprise, the buck was gone. My heart sank. I radioed my buddy, Josh Smith, who was spotting this deer from below and he informed me that the buck was still there and that I had to still travel up the hill another 50 or so yards. I then started to shake even worse. As I continued, I kept telling myself to calm down. I then reached the spot. Cresting the hill I saw this monster feeding just 75 yards in front of me. I then took the shot. The buck dropped out of sight. All I could think about was to reload my muzzleloader in case the buck got back up. I had got him and it was a clean kill. What a beauty a true buck of a lifetime."

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