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"Billy's Big Utah Elk Shed"
Photo provided by: Billy Steele

Billy Steele writes, "It was my first Utah shed hunt of 06' and was I excited. The last two shed hunts didn't yield any bone, so I was getting anxious to say the least. Once I got into the area I started seeing lots of amazing rubs and I remember saying to myself that there's got to be a monster in here. I found a spot where a bull had been bedding in some dense old growth junipers that made quite the shade spot. The photo that I have circled in yellow is where this bull rubbed and broke a branch while bedded.
This is a shed from 2 years ago and the rubs are from the 05' and 06' seasons, I have good reason to believe this big boy is still alive and still in his old haunt, guaranteed I'll be back next weekend looking for this years sheds. I had my brother take a rough measurement and he guessed that with the other side it would be a 350 class bull, and that's a two year old shed."

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