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"Jeremy's Trophy Bow Buck"
Photo provided by: Jeremy Perkins

Jeremy Perkins writes, "Well, I thought this would happen. I had some good 190 to 200 inch deer spotted, but also a lot of nice bucks were living in the same area. I said time and time again if I get a chance at one of those good bucks with a bow, Iíll take it. Well, on the first morning with the help with the best hunting partners a guy could have, I got my 8 yard....YES 8 yard shot. It was the most exciting deer I have ever killed. It was not the biggest deer in the hills, but a trophy Iíll never forget and the memories of this hunt will last a lifetime. A very BIG THANK YOU to Arnold Decasto and Cody Barber for all the scouting and homework put into the success of this hunt and canít forget the pack out....WOW what a hike!"

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