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"Big Muleys for Andy & Wade"
Photo provided by: Andy Leer

18 year old, Andy Leer is having a fantastic year of hunting. He shared his archery buck photos earlier this year, and now here is a big buck that he downed while hunting with his rifle in Montana.

Andy writes, "I spotted him bedded in some trees on a sidehill, I came over the hill on him and he ran out and gave me about a 100 yard shot. He is really tall and thick, he has some of the biggest back forks I have ever seen. He also has matching kickers coming off the inside of both back forks.

The (lower photo) is of my dad, Wade Leer. He shot his mule deer in North Dakota on Sunday, November 12th. He had been after him with a bow a few weeks prior to gun season, and he finally got him with a rifle. He has a unique rack, almost going straight out with his main beams. He is just under 30 inches wide."

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