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"Super Hunt & Great Bull for Kevin"
Photo provided by: Kevin Larson

Kevin Larson writes, "This year all my hunting partners had either moved out of state or had other commitments at the time I could go hunting, so I ended up hunting alone most of the season. I also was hunting for elk in an area of eastern Montana that I had not hunted before. I spent three days looking for elk in an area I had been told by biologists, held good numbers of elk. After finding no elk and no fresh sign, I started checking with the locals and was told all the elk moved out after fires earlier this summer.

After following the advise of some of the local ranchers, I moved 70 miles to the west and started over. Right away I saw elk and lots of sign. (This shows how important it is to talk to local people if your hunting in new country.)
Eventually I was able to locate and take a nice 300 class bull.

The day had been very cold (5-13 degrees) and windy. I shot him just as the sun set and while taking pictures the wind quite. By the time I finished taking care of my bull, for the night, it was several hours after dark. I turned off my head lamp and realized how beautiful the night was. A clear sky with billions of stars, a 3/4 moon on new snow and no wind, I walked out feeling blessed by being able to live where this kind of experience is possible.

The next day I took more pictures and packed my bull out. It took me 7.5 hours to get him out by myself, ending a great hunt."

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