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"An Idaho Trophy Buck for Wade"
Photo provided by: Bill Canon

Bill Canon writes, "We were fortunate enough this year for my father, me, and my 12 year old son (Wade Canon) to draw the "big buck" tag in southwest Idaho. Wade was super-excited to get his first chance at a monster muley, but he really just wanted a decent four point. Since he was in school during the season, we could only arrange three days for him to close the deal.

After two days of not seeing his desired four point muley, we were going to shoot the first legal buck we could find on his last day of hunting just so we could get him his first deer. Suddenly, my father had a "funny" feeling that there might be deer in a little hollow out of the wind near where we were hunting. We carefully approached, and fortunately, we came across this 29" Idaho muley. Wade found his shooting position and cleanly killed this deer with one shot at about 225 yards with my .243.

What makes this special more than anything is that both my father and I were there for his very first deer. Secondly, he shot this deer with the same rifle that I shot my first deer with (soon to be his rifle). And lastly, he is now major-league hooked on deer hunting, and Iím sure I have a hunting partner forever!"

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