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"Sneena's Lucky Day Bull"
Photo provided by: Ernest Sneena Brooks

Ernest Brooks writes, "Here is a little luck for yah!! I bow hunted all September during the rut. I exhausted a lot of time and energy hiking up and down steep canyons and high mountains. I depleted every ounce of my hard earned money to buy food and gas. I spent valuable time away from my family and friends, and for what you ask? Only to get "close" to filling my elk tag. The rut came and went, and so did my dreams of bow hunting an almighty Wapiti. I had to sit on my hands and wait for rifle season. Four days into rifle season and my luck hadnít changed. The elk I saw during bow season were nowhere in sight. On the fifth day of rifle season I waited out the morning hunt to no avail.

Discouraged and determined I jumped back into my truck with my son, my brother and his girlfriend and headed to the next area. It was about 11:00 in the midday when I came around a corner and right there on the side of old dirt road that we were traveling on, was this majestic six point elk. I swerved to the right so I could get an open shot. Utilizing my truck door as a rest, I double lunged him with my 30-06. The bull ran up the hill and back down landing right on the road. I never had an easier pack. My friends and family all appraised me for being a skilled hunter, I hated to tell though, but it had nothing to do with skill, it was just plain dumb luck. The elk had pity on me and sacrificed its life."

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