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"Clair's 5x5 Archery Bull"
Photo provided by: Clair McCallum

Here's a nice 5x5 bull that Clair McCallum, of Mayerthorpe, Alberta took in September with his Bow-Tech bow at 7 yards.

Clair writes, "A friend of mine told me he had 12-15 elk coming into his alfalfa field every day. The first day we walked into where we thought they were in the dark, only to get busted before we could even see them. As they were exiting the opposite end of the field, I was trying to intercept the last of the legal bulls, when a pack of 5 wolves ended the hunt pre-maturely. The next day we walked about 2 miles (in the rain) & approached the field from the opposite end. We arrived at the field just as the sun was coming up. We could see across the whole field, but there was nothing there. Our spirits were pretty down after walking all that way in the rain, only to see an empty field. My hunting partner, Red Fediuk, says to me, all depressed, "If I were you I would be at that tree stand over the wallow". (Red shot his bull the week before). I said "Ya, well weíre not at the tree stand, weíre here so letís walk to the end of this fence line and see whatís down there". We walked a couple hundred yards, and then I say to Red, "Look at that huge wallow!", then Red says, "Look at that bull elk!!" Sure enough a bull jumped the fence about 400 yards down the fence line in front of us.
Instinctively Red squeezed his "Hoochie Mama" and the bull stopped right in his tracks! At that distance it was hard to tell if he was legal or not. So Red lets out another call and here he comes, right down the fence line. Red said he would get in the tree line and keep calling while I tried to get a little further down the line. I didnít get very far, only about 25 yards, and I had to get into the trees myself, because he was coming fast...and he was legal! I knelt down and drew my bow; he walked by at 7 yards and "WHAMO". After the shot, instead of running into the safety of the trees, he jumped the fence and ran out into the middle of the alfalfa field, where we got to watch him fall. Thatís a nice feeling. Even after penetrating one lung and his heart, the bull still ran 220 yards (we paced it) before expiring! What a tough animal! Quite the turn of events. To go from so low to sooo high, in such a short time. Awesome!"

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