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"Alisha's Dandy Nevada Buck"
Photo provided by: Ross Rytting

Ross Rytting sent us these photos of the fine buck that his daughter, Alisha, took in Nevada. This is Alisha's first buck.

Alisha, her dad, and Uncle Jeff, first saw this buck on their first day in the field but were unable to close the distance. The next day, was Alisha's lucky day......

Alisha writes, "Early the next morning we returned to an accessible area just below Division Peak, as the herd was moving uphill after drinking from a small spring below. Caught in the open with no cover, we slowly moved back towards a small knob only to be spotted by one of the does, and the herd headed back down the ravine and to the south. Once the herd was out of sight, Dad and I move into a large boulder and brush area and spotted my buck. I set up, using a large boulder for a rest and fired my first shot. The buck jumped straight up and ran behind the boulders. I stayed and watched the spot where I last saw the buck while Dad walked into the area looking for any sign. Dad whistled me down to his location, and once there I saw that the buck was back in the middle of the herd on the next ridge and showing no signs of being hit. We scoured the area where he was standing when I shot and found no sign of a hit. We continued to work the peak the rest of the morning with no luck. As we were returning to our starting point to pick-up the ATV, we caught my buck starting to bed down in the afternoon sun. Again, we were caught in the open, so I set-up and shot once. Dad and I think I pulled the rifle to the left, as I hit the buck in the spine in the middle of the back. He stood up, dragging his back legs and dropped into the ravine. Dad and I watched the buck head downhill in ravine before he bedded. We gave the buck some time before we went after him. As we approached, he stood and attempted to run up the opposite side of the ravine, where I shot him in the neck and he ended up as seen in the photo. Dad did all the hard work, gutting and dragging the buck out of the wilderness area, while I hiked back up the ravine to get our ATV. Once loaded on my ATV, we returned to camp to finish the processing."

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