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"A Dandy Bull for Devin"
Photo provided by: Devin Soelberg

14 year old, Devin Soelberg took this fine bull while on the Utah youth elk hunt.

Devin writes, "It was cold and wet. We left the comfort of our warm trailer to begin my first elk hunt. Uncle Russ, James and I headed out to get to our hunting area.

Because of the weather the elk were all bedded down in the tall pines and brush. We did not hear or see anything during the rain and snow Saturday. We did see a few deer.

Sunday was the same as for seeing elk. We tried hiking to see if you could see anything in the thick forest in the afternoon. Because of the weather, we did not see any other hunters.

Monday we decied to try a different area. We were sitting in the truck waiting for the sun to come out. Just as it was getting light enough to see up near the tree line on the hill, we spotted a herd of elk. Several cows, a spike and a large bull.

Russ told me to move up thru the sage brush to a patch of aspens. James and Russ were waiting for me to shoot. It seemed like an eternity, I took my shot. I thought I got it in the front shoulder, but it just stood there. I quickly put another shell in the chamber and took another shot. This time the bull went down.

As you can see from the photos, it was a large 7x7 bull. Uncle Russ said that he had been hunting up here for 24 years and never got one this large. It was all the four of us could do to load it on the ATV. James had to ride on the front to keep the wheels on the ground, while Dad and I went on the other 4 wheeler back to camp.

I was so excited! I could not believe that I got my first elk and it was a large bull. It measured 48" wide at the widest point.

What a hunt. I will remember it for the rest of my life. I was using my dad's 30-06 maser model 98. Used a Federal Prem. 180 gr. bullets."

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