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"Jeff's Alberta Stick And String Buck"
Photo provided by: Jeff Moengen

Jeff writes, "This, my second trip to Alberta, proved to be far from second best. We hunted 6 days from sun up to sun down and after numerous stalks and blown attempts without any success, we found ourselves (myself and my guide) directly above this deer at a steep angle as he was bedded at only 44 yards. We had set up and prepared for the deer to stand and present a shot. It was Sept. 29th, the temp was a windy 45 degrees, so after and hour of waiting we began to get cold wonder if he'd ever stand up. Finally after an hour and 20 minutes we took the shot. The deer ran and stopped after 30 yards to see what had hit him. By that time I already had another arrow knocked and kneeling at full draw. My second shot hit him perfectly in the lungs at 55 yards. With 2 solid hits he only made it another 80 yards and dropped into a creek. To say the least a very rewarding week. I can honestly say I've never had a more professional, ethical, and hard workig guide/outfitter. Terry Scott of Headhunters Alberta was top rate and now a great friend."

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