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"First Light Buck"
Photo provided by: Travis Porter

Travis writes, "Here is a picture of the deer I harvested in Nebraska during the opening morning of rifle season. My Grandpa, Dad, Mom and I were hunting a private ranch that belongs to my dad's boss. We had just reached the gate when this buck and a doe appeared out of nowhere. He was about 150 yards away when I shot him with my .270 with open sights. He is 20 inches wide, with 3 points on one side, and 4 on the other. After 13 years of hunting with my family, this is my biggest buck to date. He may not be as big as others on your website, but I'm still proud of him. This year of hunting was very hard, as tempatures were hot, which is unusual around here. The entire time we hunted, we only saw about 20 deer on over 3,000 acres. During normal years we see around 100. After we got this one, my dad, being the joker he is, told me I wasn't supposed to shoot the first thing I saw! I'm glad I did now though!"

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