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"Kevin's Montana Muley"
Photo provided by: Kevin Larson

Kevin writes, "I love to hunt Mule deer and elk and I'm always hoping to find a good quality buck or bull when I'm out. However, the hunt is far more than just the harvest.

This season I was able to take a great Muley buck. He's not a Monster Muley but still a good quality trophy in my book. The fact that I was able to do it while hunting with my good friend Dana Davis, who shares the same hunting ethics and respect for the land and animals makes it even better. We were hunting in Montana on public land and looked over lots of does and small bucks before I found this one. He was 780 yards away and I didn't have a lot of time before it would be dark. I had to close the distance while avoiding several does to keep from spooking the buck.

The wind was in my face so I didn't have to worry as much about scent or sound, but there was little cover between me and the buck, so I ran where I could and low crawled where I had to. Just as the light was fading, I was able to put him down with a 280 yard shot. As I approached him and saw his antlers silhouetted against the western sky the excitement really set in. I stopped and gave thanks to God for the opportunity to live in this great country where I have the freedom to hunt and harvest such a beautiful animal."

Congratulations Kevin!

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