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"Six Deer In Four Days"
Photo provided by: Joel Barrett

Joel writes, "These are the 2007 eastern Montana bucks that my father, my buddy, and I took. We started off in western Washington on Monday, November 12. We ran into a flat tire in Bozeman and actually stayed the night inside my trailer at Firestone Tire. They opened at 7:00 am and shortly after that we were back on the road. We arrived late on the 13th and woke up to a mild 28 degrees. We started off checking my favorite canyon when I spotted 21 deer with a very nice 5x5 shooter buck about 1/2 mile away. On the way, we found the small 5x5 buck in the pictures. My father took him scaring away the others. The same afternoon we were hunting a small patch of woods when he took is doe. It was going to be a 8 day trip and he was all tagged out the first day. He said it was like a guided hunt, as I took him to all the deer and he saw more action than he has ever seen hunting. He's 68 years old and appreciates the time spent in the woods with his son. The next day I checked the same canyon to find the deer and buck back in there, this time in a location that didn't provide a sneak/stock. We left them be and hunted a different canyon where I shot my doe with and easy shot of 265 yards. The next day my friend got his doe and the following afternoon we decided to hunt a portion of the land with lots of woods. At around 1:30, I found a nice buck and doe feeding along one of the fingers. I made a successful stock to with in 160 yards and took a very nice 5X6. My Friend took a very nice 4x4 whitetail buck in his bed at 240 yards on the way to the canyon. We got very lucky and took only 4 days of hunting to bag 6 deer."

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