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"Dad's 30-Inch Buck "
Photo provided by: Tucker Cool

Tucker writes, "I attached this picture of my dadís buck this year. We are from all the way up in Chelan, Washington. He was lucky enough to shoot this monster 3x4 with a 30-1/8 inch spread opening afternoon. It was the biggest buck my dad had ever killed and Iím happy to say that it was well deserved. He started hunting at the age of 8 and from then on loved it. He has never been picky about hunting and has always taken the first buck to come his way. This year it all paid off for him. It was my first year hunting alone and I harvested my deer opening morning. My dad took my sister along with him in her second year of hunting and let her take the first buck that they ran into. That evening I went with my cousin spotting for her. We spotted a couple bucks early on in the hunt. As my dad circled back across a rim, my cousin and I crawled down an old dried up creek bed an snuck up on a little hill to wait for the bucks to finish coming down the draw. Two of the bucks were legal that crossed our path but my cousin was hunting for a monster muley, so she let the small bucks go by hoping that they would be followed by a larger buck. I glassed the rim that my dad had followed around. I spotted this buck as he crested the top. At this time I had no clue how big he was. I called my dad on his cell phone (A great hunting tool) and told him that one was coming his way and to make his way back to what we call Bear Rock and it should put the buck in right in his cross hairs. My cousin and I waited anxiously for a shot to ring out. Finally one did. Now I started hunting at the age of 8 just like my dad and now at the age of sixteen, I have never seen him miss a shot. But soon after the first shot followed a second, and then a third. Talking to him later about the encounter he said that he was shaking so bad that he missed the two first shots. When there were no more shots following, I once again called my dad. He could barely make out the words I shot a big one. I didnít know just how big it was until me and my cousin arrived home. It was the first deer my dad has ever had mounted and my mom even suggested getting it mounted before my dad could even ask. I am happy for my dad and I know he canít wait to have the buck, ďHis Big BuckĒ hanging on the wall. It just goes to show that in the end, everything pays off."

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