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"British Columbia bucks"
Photo provided by: Bob Ross

Bob writes, Here's a few photos of a recent hunt with my 78 year old dad and our buddy, Bruce. My dad anchored this good looking 5x5 on the 10th day of the hunt with his .300 Win. Short Mag. All that time at the range paid off for a quality neck shot, after a tense wait, at 140 yards when all that was visible was the head and neck.

My heavy weight 5c5 was pushing 400lbs. on the hoof, grossed 177-2/8 and netted 171-5/8. He was shot on day 8. He fell to my Browning A-Bolt .300 Win. Mag. at 289 yards as he was a step from disappearing for good. He is 23 inches inside with a greatest spread of 27 inches. My dad still can't get over how bulky the body on this buck was.

The day after I shot my buck, Bruce nailed this quality 4x4 with his dad's .300 H&H Mag. at 300 yards only a couple hundred yards away from where I shot my buck."

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