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"The Big Brother Bull"
Photo provided by: Cody Lujan

Cody Lujan, aka NMELKTROUT here at, sent us these photos and the story from his 2007 bull.

Cody writes, "I had found a couple of nice bulls in this spot the previous season and knew that there would be a bull or two hiding out in it. After only hunting for about 35 minutes (and being in such a hurry to get out and hunt that I was still wearing my tennis shoes), I cow called once to end an argument with my girlfriend over who was the better caller. This bull and a smaller 320" bull he was running with nearly ran us over in some thick junipers.
I could only see antlers on what turned out to be the smaller bull and went after him first. However, as the smaller bull had seen us but not caught our wind he would not come back around and never offered me a clean shot. After losing a short cat-and-mouse game with him, my girlfriend and I turned around and decided to find out if the "other" elk we had seen ghosting through the junipers was another bull. After lambasting me for my having blown an opportunity on a nice bull from the get-go, Bree, my girlfriend, demanded a break and a drink of water.
We sat down, I cow called, and started to hand her a bottle of water when I heard rocks rolling across the draw from us and out trotted the smaller bull's big brother. I happened to be sitting with my rifle resting solidly against my left knee and had nothing more to do than lift the butt of the stock and put my eye down to the scope. Holding the cross hairs on his spine, I touched off a shot and the bull dropped in his tracks. Bree and I looked at each other in disbelief at our redemptive luck. So, 55 minutes into my 2007 New Mexico hunt, I was saying a prayer of thanks to the big bull whose antler I had firmly grasped in my right hand. Though we still haven't resolved the issue of who is the better caller, I do know that I have the best meat packer in world as my hunting partner!"

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