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"Roberts Big Wyoming Bull"
Photo provided by: Robert Brinkerhoff

Robert Brinkerhoff, aka nontypical250 here at writes, "I had my chance last weekend when he came to his wallow. He was in it for 15 minutes. I got content with videotaping and I decided to wait until he moved to his next wallow at thirty yards away from me. Out of now where a spike came in and he chased him off the wallow. He ran the spike almost into me. I was sick as they bolted and ran off.
Friday morning, (7th) he was back on the water as I watched from the rim above. He left with two cows and me and my buddy just watched. He was covered in mud again, so he had wallowed the night before. As we checked another herd of elk out in the next canyon we noticed his cows in the tall sagebrush 500 yards up the draw. So we just walked up the road, not expecting too much. An hour and a half later we saw two raghorns and watched as out of nowhere the big bull ran them off towards us. All we could see was the tops of his horns in the tall sage. He continued up the draw parelleling us. We tried to cut him off figuring he would want to cross over and bed down in the canyon to our left. As we hiked for another mile or so with no luck we turned up on a road and I let out a little bugle. An immediate response came about 100 yards away in the 8-foot tall sage. I crept up the road, my buddy stayed back. After some hand signals to stop, because he stood up, I got in position. Of course I was facing the wrong way. My buddy (thankfully) turned me around and laid down and started cow calling. I heard a grunt and listened as the sagebrush cracked. As I peered through the dense cover I could see his horns, coming to the sound of my buddies cow calls seventy five yards away. He stopped once and then walked behind a clump of thick sagebrush. So I drew my bowtech, he walked out of the sage at 42 yards. I settled my pin and released. I hit him a little far back and watched as he whirled back into the sage. My arrow was hanging off the exit side as he turned. I was disgusted with my shot. One minute later I heard thrashing and some groans. I was estatic. We waited about 45 minutes before I started on the heavy blood trail. 15 yards into the sage I found half my arrow sticking in the ground, my steel force was covered in blood. 50 yards later and there he was. I couldn't be more happy with his elk. Ear ripped, teeth worn down, an embedded antler tip in the cape by is left horn, 52 inch main beams and 20 inch royals. It doesn't matter what he scores, I couldn't be happier with him."

Congratulations Robert!

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