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"Big Wyoming Bull"
Photo provided by: John Eddy

John writes, "We had seen this bull a few times this fall with the most current being 3 days before opening day. We took some pictures of him that night and left him alone. We looked for him the night before opening day and couldn't find him which made us a little nervous. Opening morning I drove to the area and found his cows which meant that he wasn't far behind. The lead cow busted me but they didn't run far. I quickly drove ahead and hustled across the small flat. I could only see the tops of his antlers above the ridge, so I moved up the ridge and saw him standing at 75 yards. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down and then it was over. He ran about 10 yards after a heart shot and my dream bull was mine. He green scores in the mid 370s and we are currently waiting for the 60 day drying period. Special thanks to my hunting partner and son Kolby who was along for most of the scouting rides and watched it all unfold."

Congratulations John!

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