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"Expo Tag Success"
Photo provided by: Brian Elling

Brian writes, "I was one of the lucky ones to win a tag from the expo this last January and no this isn't a monster, but it was a great time and I'm very happy with the bull! On the second afternoon, Dad (Art) and I were sitting up on the mountain with a storm coming in and I told him that he better head back to the truck cause there was lightning coming. He asked what I was going to do, I said I was going to drop of the top of the mountain a little to wait out the storm and then hopefully have a few minutes of hunting before it got dark. So he went back to the truck and I stayed. Just prior to the storm, I got a bull to answer my bugle. As I was closing the distance, the storm hit and I couldn't hear him anymore so I had to wait it out. I was a couple hundred feet from the top of the mountain and was aware of the lightning but I was so concentrated on the bull I really didn't care until I could smell something hot. At first I checked my backpack, don't know why but then it dawned on me what I could smell. I then hung out in a somewhat safe area then till the hail/lightning quit. Dad was worried though because he could see it striking the mountain and knew I was still up there chasing this bull.
I eventually got to my bull though after the storm had passed. I found him with 10 minutes to go in shooting light. I took 3 shots at the bull and decided to wait before trying to track him down. He didn't go 30 yards before he dropped. He is a 6x7 that will score just over 300 inches.

Congratulations Brian!

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