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"Brian's Alberta Muley"
Photo provided by: Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart writes, "I was hunting last year in northern Alberta for mulies and whitetails. As I was walking down a good game trail, I heard something moving towards me directly ahead. I stopped walking and watched the thick bush that was ahead of me. Through the willows I could make out a deer walking towards me about 50 yards ahead. A really big deer. I raised my rifle and waited for him to step out onto the trail. He stopped 30 yards away (right behind a group of thick bushes). The wind was blowing right towards the deer...Busted! He turned and bolted the other way toward the creek, which was only 100 yards ahead. I took another trail to the creek and hoped that he would try to cross up stream. When I got to the creek I saw an even bigger deer bedded down in the tall grass about 80 yards out. I could see his big rack, neck and top of his back above the grass. I thought about my hunter training to always shoot at what you can see. I could have shot lower, into the "boiler room", but decided to neck shoot him. Notice the 2 logs right behind us? Good decision eh? He grossed 160 2/8."

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