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"Success After A Tough Chase"
Photo provided by: Jeremy Perkins

Jeremy Perkins writes, "This is a 27" wide and 20" tall 3x3. This buck was jumped out of its bed on the 29th of October, by myself, my wife, Christine, and my friend, Jesse Hatch. We jumped this buck at about 8am on the morning of the 29th and chased him for a better part of 10 hours. He took us through the snow and through the cliffs. The snow at some times was at our knees. I did get a running shot at about 80 yards and missed completely. My dad had missed the previous two days of hunting. I called him that night after our long day of tracking the buck and immediately he told me he was going after him. The next morning came and I told him I was to sore to go on that hike again. He grabbed a radio and said, "I need help dragging", at about 9:30am. I called him on the radio from my house at about 10:00am and he was telling me how he found our tracks and he had jumped the deer 100 yards from where we had left him."

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