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"Bucks & Bulls for Brian & Jim"
Photo provided by: Brian Thomson

Brian Thomson writes, "The deer in the top photo was killed in Oct '2000 on the Manti unit. It has a 23 inch spread. Upon skinning the deer, we found that it had been shot in the left front leg, a year or two before it was harvested. The left leg was nearly 2 inches shorter than the right leg. Pieces of lead from the bullet were found in the bone.

The (2nd photo) deer was harvested in late August of '2003, also on the Manti. It was my first archery buck. It is 20 inches wide and has 3 inch eyegaurds. I was actually shooting at a nice 5x5 that I estimated to be about 28 inches wide. I was so excited about the big buck that I didn't see a smaller buck laying behind him. I was on a very steep side hill and the deer were about 50 yards below me. I let an arrow fly at the big buck, but shot low. Things happend so fast that I had know idea that I hit the smaller deer until I found my arrow covered in blood. I waited about 45 min for my Brother-in-law to meet me. We started following the blood trail and found my deer only 50 yds from where I shot him. I was a little disapointed, but still excited to have killed a nice buck with a bow.

The bull (bottom photo) was killed by my dad, Jim Thomson. He harvested the bull in 2003 on the Manti unit near Ephraim, Utah. After nearly 2 hours cow calling, the bull finally presented Jim with a 150 yard shot. It took a winch, ropeblock, and 4 men to load the bull into the bed of the 6x6 wheeler."

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