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"Another Great Hunt for the Evans'"
Photo provided by: Casey Evans

Casey Evans writes, "This is a pic of Kerry Evans (my brother) from our 2004 Kansas Hunt. Kerry and I did our usual travel, I met him in at his place in Texas from mine in North Carolina. From there, we traveled to our brother Scott's farm in Norton County. We found the hunting conditions very challenging on this hunting trip as the wind was usually blowing about 25 to 30 MPH or harder and it had the deer laying up until late evening. We had seen many deer as usual, but we had to jump them up to get them moving. We usually see several decent bucks in the 150 class, but this year we only found 3 bucks that size or above and one of them was a whitetail which is unusual for this area. We have never seen a whitetail there until last year and we have been hunting at Scott's place since 1998.

Kerry took this deer on the 4th day of our hunt. We watched this deer and about 15 does and 3 smaller bucks the night before for 2 1\2 hours at about 1000 yards from us, but had no way of getting to them without them seeing us.
So, we watched them until we couldn't see anymore and left to come back the next day.

We arrived back where we watched the deer bed down and couldn't find hide nor hair of a mule deer anywhere. So again we started walking the draws and jumped several deer, but not the one we were looking for.
Finally, about one in the afternoon we were standing about 100 yards from a big draw talking and I guess the deer winded us and the busted out of the draw right in front of us. Kerry pick out the big buck and took him with a shot through the lungs. The deer could have left out of the back side of the draw and we never would have seen them.
I guess luck was on our side this day. I didn't get a chance to shoot a big one this time, but harvested a smaller buck on Friday morning before we left for our long trip home. We have a great time on this trip every year. Kansas is a wildlife haven, Mulies, Whitetail, Pheasants and coyote are all abundant and the sunrises and sunsets are some of the prettiest I have ever seen. Being able to hunt with my brothers is also very special and make me anticipate this hunt every year."

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