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"4 for 4 on Utah Bucks"
Photo provided by: Les Wynn

Les Wynn writes, "We had a party of 4 draw out for a limited entry tag in Utah. We all had a blast. I am in school, so I didn't get to hunt everyday, but my brother and his buddy and our dad stayed out the whole hunt. It was great. We finally had some moisture during the hunt. The last several years has been extremely dry and hot. The dust was unbelievable. But this year we had rain or snow almost every day. Slick and muddy, but way better than hot and dusty.

Everybody got a nice deer. The smallest was a 20 inch 4x4, the biggest a 31-1/2 inch 3x4. My brother got the 31-1/2 inch 3x4, his buddy got the 20 inch 4x4, I got a 22 inch 2x4, and our dad got a 28 inch 3x4.

100% success rate! Can't beat that! It was great. My buck was actually a 3x5 due to a nice eye guard and a nifty cheater point that curled around to the back side where the eye guard would be. But I think 2x4 sounds more Tim Allen-ish! It was a different buck that's for sure. It had really great mass and was nice and heavy, one antler sat about a half inch or more lower on it's head. And, he didn't have any "family jewels", at least they were extremely small, about marble size, or the tip of your thumb. I bet he got picked on come rut season!

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