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"Will's Birthday Buck"
Photo provided by: Mike Grogan

Mike Grogan writes, "On opening morning of the Southern California A zone my son Will shot his first buck. Not a monster by muley standards, but a nice Coastal Blactail/Desert Mule deer mix.

After hiking for and hour into a secret spot in the national forest we reached a ridge top that opened up into wild oats and oak trees, which I wanted to hunt. We all started glassing the other side of a small canyon and immediately saw a nice buck about 230 yard away. As it was his Birthday and he had not shot a buck yet, I said, "here you go Will, take a rest". Will got out his shooting sticks and sat down. The buck was standing broadside and I knew Will could make the shot, we had practice on rock and ground squirrels over the summer.
Will whispered, "I am ready" and I said, "behind the shoulder and let him have it." Will let a round off from his 243. To my surprise he missed, I believe he shot over the bucks back. To my surprise the buck just looked over his shoulder back towards us and stood there. I said to Will, "shoot him again"! Will worked the bolt of the 700 and shot again, this time the shot was true and the buck hunched up---lung shot.
Since this buck was still standing I told Will, "hit him again". Will's 3rd shoot was also true hitting the neck and breaking the spin. Will was so excited he beat me and his brother to the deer by 10 minutes!

"Dad it's a 4 pointer", he exclaimed as I trudged up the hill; "He is beautiful".

My older son who has already harvested bucks, but never a 4 pointer said, "you know what stinks Dad, my birthdays in February, I will never shoot a buck on my Birthday".

We were both happy for Will and his Birthday Buck. It was 17 wide and 15 high, 4x3 with nice eye guards.

I enjoy hunting with my sons more than any other activity we do, and could not be prouder than I am of them."

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