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"Two Trophy Bucks for Ken"
Photo provided by: Ken Oswald

Here's a couple great bucks that Ken Oswald took during the 2004 hunting season.
(Top Photo) Ken writes, "My hunt took place in October 2004 just outside Great Falls, Montana. It was a very cold and blustery afternoon and I was overlooking a cut hay field. I spotted this buck and quickly put my Bushnell Rangefinder on him and he was 401 yards away courting 3 does. They were slowly working their way into the field for a late evening snack. When the buck was 223 yards away I touched off my Browning 270 that was pushing out a 130 grain Triple Shock Barnes Bullet. The buck only took a couple of steps and went down for the count. This buck was a perfect 4x4 that had a 23 inch spread. He field dressed at 191 pounds."

(Lower Photo) Ken writes, "This hunt took place in November 2004 just outside Hondo, New Mexico. It was a very crisp morning with an awesome turquoise sky. I had placed myself on top of a high saddle and was glassing a large cactus garden about 700 yards away. I spotted a glimmer within the cactus and placed the 60 power spotting scope and saw 5 large bucks bedded. I carefully planned my stalk using a friendly breeze and terrain to my benefit. When I was still about 300 yards out the wind shifted and the bucks stood up giving me a clear shot. Using my Bushnell Rangefinder I was able to get a solid reading of 304 yards with no way to get any closer. I was able to use a large Yucca plant to get a solid rest and fired my Browning 300 Short Magnum using a 168 grain Barnes Bullet. The buck ran about 65 yards and fell. This was a buck that had a 4x4 main frame with 3 inch eye guards and 2 sticker points on the back of each base. He field dressed at 177 pounds."

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