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"Kenneth's First Buck"
Photo provided by: Kenneth Rogers

Kenneth Rogers writes, "Here are the pictures of my first buck. I got him on the Sunday the 23rd about 5:30pm. The last day of deer hunting season. With about 1 hour left of daylight. I was glassing a hill below me when I saw this big 23-1/4 inch rack staring back at me. I dropped down and got out my shooting sticks and put my scope on him. As soon as I got him in my scope, he stood up in front of the tree that he was bedded down in, about 150 yards in front of me. I knew he was ready to take off. He turned to the side and opened up for the shot. I wasn't totally ready for the shot with my heart still pumping and hand trembling slightly. I told myself it's now or never. I got as still as I could, lined up the shot and squeezed the trigger. He jumped after the shot and ran down the canyon. I tracked the blood trail until I found him. He was standing up still on the edge of a really steep canyon. He dropped to the ground and rolled about 100 yards down this hill until he got caught up on a tree. I got him all the way down the hill to a flat, dried river bed. With a short amount of daylight left and no flash lights, we quartered him up and bagged all the meat and head. We had to pack him out of the canyon 30 minutes to the Quad and an hour ride on the quad back up the hill to the cabin. It was a day I will never forget and a first buck I could only dream about."

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