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"Roger's 5x4 Montana Muley"
Photo provided by: Roger Jutte

Roger Jutte writes, "Here's my 24-inch 5x4 Montana buck. I first spotted some does through the trees & saw a buck chasing them with his head down sniffing. Back and forth they went through the openings. The snow was crunchy, so I waited for them to show. They wandered away so I snuck a little closer. I heard some running and loud crashing sounding like some spooked elk. I thought he was chasing them hard or fighting with another buck when I saw two does coming closer. I think I saw about 10 does total walking around, but behind those two was a nice buck, but they went behind some trees. When the does walked back through the opening I knew the buck was next and raised my gun waiting for the shot I knew would come quick. Here he comes and stopped broadside in the opening. I centered the crosshairs and fired. He staggered a few seconds an fell. After the shot some does ran and I could see the other buck already after them, but it was smaller than the one I took."

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