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"Nice Bucks for James & His Mom"
Photo provided by: James

James writes, "On my 2nd trip to Malta, Montana I only had one day to hunt. After missing a 200-inch muley early in the day at only 80 yards, I was happy to down this buck late in the afternoon from 600 yards with my grandfathers 308. I always tell my dad I canít hit anything close. It was the first buck that my father was with me to enjoy the harvest.

After growing up and having learned everything from him, I got to teach him a thing or two by helping him bag his biggest buck in his long hunting career. Also, I was able to play the hunting guide I desperately want to be someday (so any guides or outfitters in Montana reading this keep me in mind for this upcoming fall if you should need an extra set of helping hands) as I took my mother out and she bagged her first buck ever and it was a great buck and a great hunting season Iíll soon never forget.

The second picture is of my mother and I with her first buck ever. I was living in Denver, Co. at the time so we only had one day to hunt after work. So we quickly loaded up the truck and off to the mountains we went.
After walking for about 1 hour we stopped and set up for glassing. Soon I left my mom on a post and told her to watch for anything coming up out of this draw as I began at the top and walk my way down to her.

Shortly after leaving her I spotted the white rump of a muley. Not being able to tell if it was a buck or not, I watched it bed down and ran to grab my mom. We met and walked back to check out the deer. It ended up being a yearling doe and with our hopes shattered of getting an easy hunt, we headed back to the truck.

On our way back I jokingly said maybe weíll get lucky and have a big buck standing by the truck waiting for us. As we got back to the truck it was getting dark fast so I didnít even look around to see if anything was up and feeding.
We got in the truck and started to drive back down the road. We only went 50 yards and I slammed on the brakes as I caught the flash of a white face off to my left.

When the truck came to a complete stop I then saw the horns sitting on top of this olíbuck. My mom jumped out and I told her to take her time, hold the crosshairs on the neck, and squeeze the trigger. After what seemed like 5 mins. I heard the crack of her 270 and the buck dropped in his tracks. After hugs and high fives the deed was done and my mother had bagged her first buck ever. Congratulations mom!"

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