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"268-Inch Gross Monster Muley"
Photo provided by: Pax Prentiss

Here's a true Monster Muley that Pax Prentiss took on August 8th, 2006. Pax purchased the Arizona Governors tag and with the help of Vaquero Outfitters, took this giant buck.

Pax writes, "On Aug 8, 2006 the monster buck you’ve heard about ended his days on the Arizona Strip. During the eight days of the hunt he proved to us all how extremely smart and savvy he was. The survival tactics he had developed over his years of being hunted allowed him to earn the great rack he carried. This buck definitely earned my respect.

When the master measurer from Safari Club International arrived to measure the buck, he found him to measure 268 inches, with a width of forty-one and a half inches, with just over 50 inches of mass. After the dry out period, there is a mandatory 2% reduction for the velvet which should put this buck around 262 inches. That size should rank this Muley buck somewhere in the SCI top ten for non-typical bucks.

It is to the crew of Vaquero Outfitters that I owe the success of this hunt. It was a two man crew and sometimes three on the weekends. There were no chute planes or cameras utilized in locating this deer, just hard hikes, persistence and days of glassing the hills. Harvesting this monarch of the mountains would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of the hard working crew from Vaquero Outfitters. Without them I would not have this buck today. Next month in Muley Crazy Magazine you can read the details of this exciting hunt."

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