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"Cody's First Buck"
Photo provided by: Cody Snodgrass

Cody writes, "This is the first buck I have ever taken. It was the last day of the season. The hunting location was area 12 of Nevada. We had seen bigger bucks before but they were all to far away to shoot with my 243. The last day I took my dad's 270 out just in case we seen one to far away to shoot with my 243. My dad and I were driving up the road when we saw two smaller bucks. We decided that if we didn't see anything better, we would come back for one of them. As we were driving, my dad said "ok, here he is, he is only a two point but he is a lot wider than those other two." So I got out of the truck very slowly, set up my bipod and took aim. Then we seen some other hunters pull up about 150 yards from us. They saw I had my target picked out so they decided to watch. The only problem was the scope. The sun was glaring right through it! I couldn't see where he was! My dad had to block the sun from hitting the scope. I waited and waited to take the shot. He was either behind some tall bushes or a herd of does would gather around him. My dads arm was getting very tired of blocking the sun. Then he was in a clear spot and I knew this was my chance. I was dead centered and squeezed off! BOOM!! I had shot just over his back! The gun was sited in for 250 yards and he was only about 76. He ran towards the other hunters truck, but then he saw them and came back toward us. Now he was about 55 yards away! I lost him through the herd of does. All of a sudden he appeared. I got back on him and aimed at the bottom of his body right below the kill zone. BOOM!! I shot and watched him jump, and behind him exploded a cloud of dust. He took off. We went to see if we could find him. We didn't see any sign of him anywhere! So I went to ask the other hunters who had watched him to see if they knew where he went. I walked about 15 yards away and I hear my dad yell "I FOUND HIM!" He had dropped 30 yards from where he was shot! It was a perfect shot. He was 17inches wide and 12inches tall on the left side and 10 on the right side. He also had a small eye guard growing on his left side. When we were doing this we seen that he had chipped the left side of his front fork, but not to bad.

Congratulations Cody!

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