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"Dandy Utah Bucks for Troy & Kristy"
Photo provided by: Troy Peterson

Troy Peterson took the fine buck in the top photo during the 2007 season. Troy and his buddy spotted his buck and another. Troy downed this buck, and after many missed shots his buddy was bummed...having missed the other muley.

The lower photo is of Kristy, Troy's wife, and her buck.
Troy writes, "She tagged this buck early on opening morning after some of the most stressful minutes in my hunting life. Any who have hunted general season in Utah know that it can be very fierce and competitive. It's kind of like the city Easter egg hunt for kids. I had been watching this buck, along with two other smaller bucks for a couple of days before the hunt started. I knew they were there, but in typical fashion the hunters arrived in droves the evening before the opener. When we rode into this area just before light there were a couple of tents and a truck right close to where the deer had been hanging out. I could also hear some guys climbing the hill above us so I knew that if the deer were in the open, the window of opportunity could be very short. Daylight finally came and I could see the bucks and some does milling about through the scrub oak. The clouds were very low and the deer weren't holding still very well. As soon as I would find the buck and try to show Kristy where it was they would move. This went on for nearly 20 minutes and I just knew that someone from higher ground was going to see them and nail that buck. Kristy was to the point that she wanted to shoot any one of the bucks that would give her a chance. Finally one did, he was about 70 yards away standing broad side in the open, she found him in the scope and squeezed off the shot. Everything bolted and ran and I could hear more four wheelers coming. I was worried that someone else would see him standing somewhere wounded and shoot him. About two seconds later I could hear him taking those long drawn out breaths that signal the end. We ran over and found this guy, the biggest of the bucks in the group laying right in the middle of the road. Talk about a lucky hunter! We had to pull the deer off the road to let the four wheelers go by, and not one single one of those guys even smiled at us. It sure didn't bother me though. I had already drug that deer as far as I was going to have to. It was a great morning hunt with my wife."

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