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"Awesome Bucks for Auston"
Photo provided by: Auston Butt

Auston Butt sure has done well in South Dakota. Here's three trophy bucks Auston took in 2008. Above each photo is the information Auston shared about each.

"I took this great mule deer on the second to last day of the archery season in South Dakota. I had hunted hard for 3 months and had numerous opportunities on some great mule deer that always fell apart. Finally on Dec. 29th, I spotted this buck grazing in a stubble field with a smaller 2 point. They both bedded down in what seemed like an impossible spot-and-stalk area...wide open. I was able to belly crawl along a fence line for 150 yards to get within 50 yards of this buck. He gross scores 167 and has 16 scorable points."

"I shot this buck the opening morning of South Dakota's rifle season. I had seen this buck in velvet prior to the archery season, but he disappeared for more than 2 months before showing up again on the opening day of rifle season.
We had a good snowfall the day before and drove 25 mph on the interstate that night to arrive at our hunting spot at 2:30 in the morning. We spotted the buck bedded down in a CRP field and were able to close the distance to a mere 50 yards before he finally stood up and presented a shot! The buck gross scores 183 and had exceptional mass. I couldn't have done it without the help of my grandfather Jim."

"I spotted this great buck conveniently bedded down behind a hay bale. I was able to sneak up to the bale (as the picture tries to show), draw my bow, and peek out for a 50 yard shot. The arrow flew true and hit the pronghorn perfect. The buck scores 70 2/8, putting him in the Pope and Young record books."

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