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"Fantastic Buck for Mackenzie"
Photo provided by: Mackenzie Manley

12 year old, Mackenzie Manley writes, "It was hot, or so it seemed. My dad was a few yards ahead of me, we were climbing an extremely steep hill but it seemed to be more of a mountain to me. My dad said “hurry up!!” I was going as fast as I could, panting. We had been climbing since 6:00 a.m.; it was cold when we started, but now blistering heat.

We had already seen a really nice buck that we didn’t see until it was too late. We chased him until we lost him. We continued on and saw a bobcat, does, but not him. Now we were hot on his heels!

Finally, we got to the top. Belly crawling, my dad whispered “Get up here!” Finally I saw the buck! My dad handed me the 7mm. My dad sighted me up so I could find him; he was really far away, across a coulee! My dad said “Do you think you can hit him?” “I think so” I said. “Fire when ready” he whispered. I squeezed the trigger and “BANG!” My ears were ringing. I had forgotten my ear plugs!

The buck walked a few feet and dropped. “YES!” my dad said. He took out his range finder and measured the exact distance. The buck ended up being a four by five. No one will believe this but the distance was 389 yards!

I jokingly asked my dad “What should we call him?” “Carroll” he said. I asked him why we should call him that. “Because you shot him in Carroll Coulee” Dad murmured. He was really excited and so was I!"

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