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"2009 Late-Season Buck for Tyson"
Photo provided by: Tyson

Tyson writes, "When the regular archery season ends and you have not dumped a smoker buck yet, no need to worry because the November rut is right around the corner. I was able to tag this buck at 70 yards with a 20 degree down hill slope in mid-November. My buddy and I were putting a pinch stalk on this other buck when my other buddy called me and told me that the big buck was back that we had seen earlier this morning. He told me it was west of where I was and about 200 yards downhill cross cutting the hillside toward me. I stopped stalking the other buck and started heading southwest as fast and as quiet as I could. I stopped and sat down on the ridge to wait for the buck to work his way over to me.

He finally came over the ridge and then started raking his antlers in some oak brush. I instantly knew he was a great buck just by looking at his frame. I was still too high, so I waited until he dropped down into the draw next to me before I moved down the ridge to cut him off. I got 70 yards from where I thought he was going to come out and could not get any closer due to loud oak brush in my path. I have been able to consistently hit within the vital region at 100 yards with my Hoyt Dynatec, so 70 was very doable.

He came out and started working his way slowly across the flat part of the ridge. I drew back and he instantly looked up at me. I waited to see if he would put his head back down and start feeding again so he wouldn't jump my shot, but he didn't so I let it rip. I hit him perfect, right behind the shoulder. He ran no more than 50 yards and expired. This 3x4 buck is and old buck with 34 inches of total mass, 26 inches wide and his eye guards are just 1/8th of an inch under 3 inches."

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