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"Wade's "No Knife Buck""
Photo provided by: Wade Kisch

Wade Kisch, aka CurDog here at, took this fine muley while hunting Colorado. Wade dubbed the buck the "No Knife Buck" for good reason.
Wade writes, "I was hunting with my cousin and I had left my belt with my knives and range finder on it in the truck. I realized this within a hundred yards of the truck or so, but decided not to go back and get them as my cousin and I decided we would most likely stick together in this area he had never hunted before. Several hours later, Jon decided to follow the creek up to a different road and I would hike out of the canyon back to the truck and come pick him up. About 30 minutes into the hike back, I remembered I no longer had a knife with me and had radioed my cousin to joke about the fact that I didnít have a knife and it would probably be my luck to run into some deer. He told me to take it as a sign of good luck and told me I would probably see a huge buck. As I was putting my radio back into my jacket pocket and picking my gun up, I looked up and this big buck was walking right at me. He was probably only about 60 yards away and I was standing out in the middle of the grass with no cover. He walked into about 40 yards feeding along the way. Luckily for me, he stopped with his head behind a tree and some small bushes and I was able to shoulder my rifle without him even knowing I was standing there. I think I am going to start hunting without my knives from now on."

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