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"Huge Mexico 3-Point for John"
Photo provided by: John Urrutia

John Urrutia shared with us his hunt story....

My hunt took place on the Santa Adella Ranch, 150 miles northwest of Hermosillo, Mexico in mid-January. The first day of the hunt, I saw nothing while riding in a high rack seat in the back of a pickup truck with my guide. The second day, I saw a nice 29" 3x4 with a doe in the morning and then a one antlered 3x3 with two does on the afternoon hunt. On the third day of my hunt, I hunted the entire morning and saw nothing, but on that afternoon, Lady Luck smiled upon me.

While driving along a fence line to an area we had hoped to hike to and glass, a single buck jumped the fence and crossed the road about 300 yards in front of us. All we saw was a flash, but we all knew instantly that it was a deer to look at. The driver sped up, then stopped about where the deer crossed. There were too many tracks to be sure if we were at the right spot, but we were confident we were very close. The driver turned off the truck as we coasted to a stop. We stayed there for a few moments, then the guide whispered, "lets spread out and just take a look around." With the guide on my far left and the driver to my far right, we began to slowly walk through the brush to our left, in the direction the buck had traveled. We walked slowly, just to see what there was to see. After about 150 yards, the guide signaled us to return to the truck.

Upon arriving at the truck, the driver immediately asked us if we wanted a cold water. The guide and I both accepted and he started rummaging through an ice chest in the back of the truck. The afternoon was still hot, probably about 85, with bright sun shine. We stool around the back of the truck for a few moments wondering where the deer had gone while we were drinking and then started to get back in the truck. The driver had gotten in, closed the door and started the engine. I was just about up on top and the guide was ready to hand me my rifle when he said "Jesus Christo, Senor Juan, Senor Juan, he is there, he is there." I stepped back down off the truck, had the guide tell the driver to turn off his truck, while I strained my eyes to see what he was pointing at.

At about 80 yards, lying under a large tree, thick with brush and limbs all the way to the ground, I could just make out the outline of a deer's back and a very wide spread of horns(no points) laying almost flatly on the ground. The guide motioned for us to get closer. I waved him off and leaned across a near by fence post and pulled the trigger. The bullet traveled true and the buck was down. We approached swiftly, with much anticipation as we had no idea what I had shot. We could see that the deer was dead and the driver quickly got down on his hands and knees and crawled under the brush to retrieve the deer. Oh what a whopper!

From where he entered the tree, we could follow his tracks back across the sand and over the fence about twenty yards in front of the truck. We knew we had the right deer. Amazing thing was that buck had seen us as we approached and he dove under that bush to hide. He laid there for a good eight to ten minutes motionless while we searched for him. My tracks had in fact walked right past him within 20 feet of where he stayed the entire time............That's the buck of my lifetime!

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