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"Couple Dandy South Dakota Bucks"
Photo provided by: Spence Etzkorn

Spence Etzkorn writes, "We may not have killed the 190 - 200 inch bruiser we were looking for but we did get a couple of real nice South Dakota Muleys and had a blast doing it.

With my wife Gail's buck, we were able to go with my 80 year old grandpa and hunt the Missouri River breaks by boat. We set up in the bay's and glassed the breaks while my grandpa fished for Walleyes. We saw this deer from a distance heading to his bed and landed the boat close to where he bedded down. Me and my wife got out and grandpa continued fishing. We snuck over the hill and saw him laying in the buck brush. The rest is history. She put a stalk on him and drilled him. We were able to field dress him, drag him down the hill to the beach and waive grandpa in from fishing. He was so proud of her, he is still talking about that trip. It was a memory I'll hold onto forever.

I was hunting an area where we had seen a big mature bruiser in the early fall; and we were fortunate enough to find him the second weekend of the season. However, he had lost most of his left side of his antler. It was really a bummer. But with him off the kill list I saw this deer which was a deer that looked to be out of the same gene pool just a little younger. After a long look at him in the spotting scope, I decided to put a sneak on him and thumped him. It was a real fun year and now me and my wife will no doubt argue about who shot the bigger deer until next fall."

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