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"They Struck Again!"
Photo provided by: Dylan Forsyth

Dylan Forsyth has had some great luck this year. A few weeks ago he sent us a photo of a large velvet buck with a handlebar droptine that was taken in southern Alberta. Well, they struck again!
Dylan writes, "On the second to the last day of the season, my friend, Ryan Krampl, and I decided to give the bow season one last effort before the gun season opened. To our luck we spotted this guy and were able to get to a vantage point where we could plan our stalk. With Ryan winning the paper, rock, scissors match, he got to stalk the deer while I watched from across the coulee and covered the escape route. The deer never had a chance to come by me as Ryan made an excellent 30 yard downhill shot. The deer ran less than 50 yards.
The deer has excellent bases at 5 1/2 inches, and is very tall. The back tines are over 17 inches high, with 13 inch back forks. Incidently, Ryan shot this deer one coulee over from where Mark shot his velvet buck".

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