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"Sharon's First Buck"
Photo provided by: Sharon DeJongh

Sharon writes, "I was hunting the western slope of Colorado with my husband who is a very experienced hunter. It was the third day of hunting. We had been sitting on this ridge for about 1 1/2 hours looking for elk. I had been scanning the area back and forth when I noticed him about 80 yards away is the aspen. He didn't see us. He was walking slowly as he was feeding. My husband told me that it was a big buck and for me to get my gun ready. I didn't realize how nervous I would be. I set my sight on him and he started to go behind the trees. The longer I waited, the more I started to shake. It was to the point where my whole body was shaking from head to toe. I was in a kneeling position. I asked my husband to help me somehow, because I could not keep my gun still. He crouched down and let me use his back for a support. I was still shaking, my gun was going around in small circles. I decided I just better shoot before he gets away. I shot at him and looked up and I saw him drop. I was so excited I started jumping up and down shouting, I got 'em, I got 'em! I wasn't sure if I could actually pull the trigger, but I did. I finally felt that feeling that my husband has been talking about for so long. I can't wait until next years hunt!"

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