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"Todd's Northern Utah Trophy (T-shirt Winner!)"
Photo provided by: Todd Fitton

Todd Fitton harvested this big buck while hunting in northern Utah.
Todd writes, "It was my first trip to Utah to hunt one of these monsters, and I never imagined that the trip would have this outcome. My dad, a family friend, and I were moving through a long meadow when we heard 4 quick shots up the canyon. It had snowed the day before and the deer were beginning to move to lower country. I hustled back to a point where we had seen some does moving about ten minutes earlier. About the time I crested the point the 170 3/8 B&C bruiser was coming over the ridge about thirty yards away. Luckily, I saw him before he saw me and I ducked behind a fallen tree until I could get a good shot. The buck was still moving quick, since he had just been shot at. He was traveling with a nice heard of does and began to move their direction. When he did, I took a nice quartering away shot and put him down. This beautiful mule deer exceeded all of my expectations, measuring 25 1/4 inches wide and 26 5/8 inches tall."

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