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"Joel's Awesome Colorado Buck"
Photo provided by: Joel White

Joel White sent this photo of the 30-3/8 inch, 4x4 buck he harvested while hunting Colorado in 2001.
Joel writes, "I saw this buck and another opening morning of my 3rd season hunt, but they were out of range and in a bad place for a stalk. So, after spending 3 hours watching my kids soccer games I was back and setup where I could take a shot if the two fed back out where they had been that morning. I had not been watching more than 15 minutes when I caught movement in the cedars about 400 yards away. A quick check through the bino's revealed the smaller of the two bucks and shortly afterwards the 30 incher walked through an opening (instant fogged bino's!). After watching them feed to within 276 yards, I touched off my Browning A bolt .270 and let the 110 grain Sierra fly. The buck dropped in his tracks so fast that the other buck just stood their not knowing what happened. No ground shrinkage on this one, and it made a nice addition to the family room!"

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