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"Ken's Double Dropper Buck"
Photo provided by: Ken Baker

Here's a really neat buck. Ken Baker harvested this trophy buck in Sept. 2002 while archery hunting zone 357, Grande Prairie, Alberta.
Ken writes, "After spending 4 hours trying to stalk a pair of smaller bucks that were bedded on the edge of a canola field, I decided to call it a day. While returning to the truck, I noticed 2 larger bucks feeding in a pea field over a half mile away. At that moment, something spooked the bucks and they made a beeline right for me. By the time I unslung my bow and nocked an arrow the pair of bucks were within 100 yards and closing fast. The first buck, a large 4x4, ran right past me into the brush. The trailing 6x6, came to within 25 yards of the bushline and stopped, he seemed unsure if he should proceed as we both could hear the other buck crashing through the brush. Before he could make up his mind as to what to do, I slipped an arrow through him and the rest is history. I looked at my watch, exactly 1 p.m., and shook my head in disbelief. After all the early mornings and best laid plans resulting in zip, my trophy muley ran right to me and stood broadside, giving me a relatively "easy shot"."

You gotta' love those droptines!

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