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"Ron's Idaho Buck"
Photo provided by: Ron Linderman

This fine Idaho buck was taken by Ron Linderman just as the sun was setting on the last weekend of the general deer season.
Ron writes, "My wife and daughter were with me and did a lot of brushing for me. Thanks to them for all of the hard work. I had just sent them back towards the truck and I dropped into another canyon to hunt on the way back. I spotted this 4x5 bedded below some brush. I took him with my Winchester Model 70, 300 Win Mag., 180 grain Nossler Partition at about 150 yards. He had just stretched his neck to look down the canyon from his bed. Something in the bottom had his full attention. We were on the same elevation with about 150 yards of open space between us. He had no idea I was there. My son and one of his cousins were happy to share in the photo....then they got to help field dress too. There is a price to pay for everything these days!"

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