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"David's 214 Gross Archery Buck"
Photo provided by: David Herrington

What a buck! While hunting a late-season Colorado archery hunt, David Herrington arrowed this monster muley.
David writes, "I had not had much luck, was seeing very little sign and only a hand full of does. I decided to head back to the truck and maybe scout a new area. I was about to the truck when I saw what seemed to be a nice deer up on the ridge. I got to the truck, grabbed my bow, and headed out to see just how big this buck was. When I got there, I could not believe I had located a buck worthy of the hunt. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to get into bow range...It was like a chess game! I move, he would move---the wrong way! When I thought I should back out and try again the next day, I saw another deer just over my shoulder moving in, and he was even larger than the deer I had tried to get to. I sat and held my breath for what seemed like 20 minutes, then he walked up and stopped 20 yds from me. The rest is in the photos."

David's buck is 33-1/2 inches wide and gross scores 214-6/8.

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