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"Andrew's 2002 Utah Buck"
Photo provided by: Andrew Adamson

Andrew writes, "I got this buck in Northern Utah last year. It started off with an early morning hike in a light snow. I was up at the top of a ridge just as it started to get light. With the fresh snow it was a perfect morning. I found a good seat and started to glass. Right off I saw deer. Because of the storm, there weren't a lot of other people around and there were a lot of deer out feeding. I was watching about three herds of deer in my canyon all with decent bucks. I watched this buck off by himself a little above the rest. He was about 800 yards away and I began to stalk in a little closer. That is when the first blizzard hit.
Finally, after the entire day it started to clear up again. With dark about an hour off, I spotted him feeding again. He was about 500 yards off. I spend a lot of time at a 600 yard range and feel very comfortable with my 300 Ultra. I had all day to set up and find a good position to shoot from. I watched him feed into an opening and took the shot. After a few seconds he tipped over and rolled down the hill. I watched him come to a stop about half way down the hill from where I shot him. I made my way over and was surprised about how good he looked. It was a great end for a great year.
The other picture is from a later whitetail trip in November with my dad."

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