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"Adam's Colorado Bow Buck"
Photo provided by: Adam Steidler

Adam Steidler writes, "I shot him opening weekend of the Colorado archery season. My brother and nephew joined me for the hunt and the first day and a half was spent mostly in the tent due to rain. Heading out in the afternoon to glass an area that I had spotted some good bucks in during one of my many summer scouting trips, I spotted a couple good bucks out feeding in a steep chute. After a quick look at there size and position, I headed out after them, having to circle other deer on the way to avoid spooking the bucks I was after. Getting near to where I believed the bucks to be, I looked back to my brother to confirm where I thought I needed to go. After some confusion with the hand signals, I looked down the mountain in front of me and saw the tips of antlers sticking about about 50 yards away. I circle back and dropped lower to come out on a lower level for a better shot. I snuck within 20 yards to find three bucks. The biggest one was blocked by one of the smaller ones for about 15 minutes as they fead closer to me. At about 15 yards the bigger buck finally stepped out from behind the smaller one. I hit him a little farther back than I planned, but he went down within 20 yards, after about 30 minutes he managed to stand up and stubble down the mountain into the heavy timber where we found him the next morning. He is about 20" wide inside the main beams, and 26" at his widest. He gross scored 160."

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