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"Montana Muley Success for Tally"
Photo provided by: Tally Stone

While hunting in eastern Montana in 2003, Tally Stone downed this fine buck.
Tally writes, "We spotted him from over a mile away laying on a little flay with some doe's. He was big enough to walk for so we took off. Looking over the last little hill, he wasn't there but some doe's were walking into the gumbo above them. It was a maze of draws and washes and we figured he had followed them in there. You can see the gumbo behind me.
We came up with a plan. I would walk around the hill and hopefully run the deer back out onto the flat. I dumped my gear and left my brother-in-law in a perfect spot, so we thought. As I came around the gumbo hill in the lower left side of the picture I could see deer moving up to the grassy hillside, all doe's, so I sat down. The doe's started feeding their way up the hill, then I saw more movement out of the gumbo, a bigger deer, it was the buck. He stood at the edge of the grass, lip curled testing the air then started out to the other deer. There was no way to call my brother-in-law and he was too big to let walk, so I made my way up to the first rock to see if I could get a shot, which is just over his antler tip on "MY" right side. One look through the scope, I knew he was the one. One shot from my .300 Win. Mag. hit him back in the ribs and he took off running, I MISSED?? Then he stopped and hunched up, I knew he was hit.
I shot again and missed, I was shooting too high. I settled down and put the crosshairs on him and let another fly, down he went.
When I got to him I ranged back to the rock's I was shooting from 370 yards, but the Nosler Partitions did their job.

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